Reverse Plated Rotary Dressing Disks

Diamond Dressing Disks are used on Profile Grinding wheel Dressers, such as Normac, or on CNC grinders with rotary dressing capability to profile dress the grinding wheel.

Rotary Diamond Dressing Disks are available in three types of construction: sintered, reverse plated and PCD (polycrystaline diamond) insert. These disks are most commonly used in CNC wheel dressing applications but can also be used to profile resin bonded diamond and CBN grinding wheels.

Reform Dressing Wheel
WFM-2A-Type 1
Part No. Angle Radius
WFM-2A-206 60° .020
WFM-2A-026 60° .002
WFM-2A-056 60° .005
WFM-2A-106 60° .010
WFM-2A-054 40° .005
WFM-2A-104 40° .010
WFM-2A-204 40° .020
WFM-2A-209 90° .020
WFM-2A-154 60° .015

Reform Dressing Wheel
WFM-2A-Type 2
Part No. Angle Radius
WFM-2A-634 40° .0625
WFM-2A-306 60° .0300
WFM-2A-626 60° .0625