Newbould Indexers

Newbould Spin Indexers                                                                                                      

Model 202

  • Unlimited dial indexing direct reading in degrees, minutes & seconds. 1,296,000 possible positions
  • Store up to 36 positions with adjustable stops, one stop each position
  • Three ways to index; direct dial, 24 position fixed shot pin, sine based
  • Zero null feature allows 15 degrees floating zero point
  • Use as manufacturing or inspection tool

NewbouldIndexer Model 202 with Tangent RadiusDresser

Model 300 Grindit

  • Indexing via graduated degree ring, 24 position fixed shot pin and sine based
  • Store up to 30 positions with adjustable stops one stop each position
  • Zero null feature allows 20 degrees floating zero point

Newbould Model 300 Grindit

Newbould Tool Internal Construction

Newbould Tool Internal Construction