Foredom Rotary Power Tools

Foredom manufactures a wide range of power tools used in industrial, jewelry, woodcarving, dental lab, optical, mold and die cutting, shaping and polishing and home shop applications. These versatile flexible shaft tools are commonly used for hand grinding, carving, deburring, drilling, sanding, buffing and polishing on virtually all types of materials. They offer numerous advantages over other types of power tools:

A large selection of cutting burrs, grinding abrasives and polishing mandrels make Foredom tools indispensable to the productive craftsman.

Foredom also manufactures other special power tools, including: Micro Motors, Air Grinders, Air Turbines, and Bench Lathes.

  • Robust variable speed motor drives available in several power ratings
  • Wide selection of rotary hand pieces
  • Mechanical flex shaft drive or motor built into the hand piece
  • Slim, light weight design
  • Reliable performance and economical to own
  • Powerful and reliable motors in hang-up and bench top models.
  • Variable speed with foot or dial control.
  • Interchangeable handpieces that are easy to hold and maneuver.
  • Less noise, vibration, and heat than portable electric or air hand grinders.
  • Reduced effort and fatigue in continuous or repetitive applications.
  • Thousands of accessories to accomplish nearly any job.
Micro Motor Hammer Kit No.1011

Reciprocating action for stone setting applications.

Ideal for stone setting applications, including channel setting and other decorative and engraving techniques that require reciprocating action. The force of the impact can be adjusted from light to full by turning the metal ring while the handpiece is either off or running. The speed of the hammer action can be varied from 0-5,000 strokes per minuter. Speed is controlled by the dial on the control box, or with an optional foot control. The 1011 Kit includes the MH-011 Hammer Handpiece, FM3545 Control box, and accessories. Available in 110V or 220V

Foredom Rotary Tool
MH-011 Hammer Handpiece has slender, contoured grip and impact adjustment ring for precise hammering work. Operates from 0-5,000 strokes per minute.
Foredom Rotary Hand-Piece
1011 Kit Accessories
  • 3 Anvil points with threaded shanks.
  • 1 Anvil point adapter for non-threaded shank accessories.
  • 1 Open end wrench.
  • 2 Pins (used to tighten anvil points).
  • 1 Anvil point holder (used for shaping the point).
  • Kit also includes: AT-1 hand piece tray, safety glasses, and a spare pair of motor brushes.
Foredom Rotary Tool Accessories

Series H

Foredom's most powerful flexible shaft machine with 1/4 HP motor and special heavy duty handpieces. Ideal for industrial and other heavy duty applications requiring higher torque.

Series S and SR

Feature a 1/8 HP motor with excellent performance for medium to heavy duty industrial and woodcarving applications. SR Series has a reversible motor especially suited for symmetrical carving.

Series CC®

"The Standard" worldwide for professional jewelers. Features a 1/8 HP motor with dependable, long lasting performance under all kinds of conditions and applications. Also used in industrial, hobby and craft applications. a

Series R

Features a 1/10 HP motor with unique load sensing feedback control circuitry that provides full motor torque at all speeds.

Series L

High Torque/Low Speed motor specially designed for jewelry applications like: drilling, wax carving and machining, stone setting, chasing, hammering and more. Permanent magnet motor for trouble-free, smooth, quiet perfomance.

Power Graver

Stone setting and engraving kit with the look and feel of a hand engraving tool, but with power to reduce effort and fatigue. Perfect for bead, prong, hammer, channel and bezel setting, as well as all kinds of engraving and decorative work. Permanent magnet motor for trouble-free, smooth, quiet performance.

Foredom Rotary Tool Kit