Engis Single-Pass Superabrasive Bore Finishing Systems

Engis Single-Pass Superabrasive Bore Finishing Systems

The Engis Diamond Bore Finishing System integrates advanced CNC machine tool technology with the diamond and CBN tooling capabilities of Engis. The result is single-pass bore finishing with flawless precision and unmatched reliability.

High Performance Equals Close Tolerances -- In A Single Pass:

Engis single-pass bore finishing systems are capable of repeatedly and reliably generating bore sizing to better than .0001" (.0025 mm), with bore roundness, straightness and taper to as good as 20 millionths of an inch (.0005 mm). Surface finishes as good as 4 microinches (.1 Ra. micrometer) can be attained.

General Features

  • Multiple spindles. 4 standard, (more available under custom designs).
  • Standard 1-3/8" diameter ASA spindles.
  • Head feed design ideal for automation interface.
  • Higher spindle RPMs -50-to-1,800 RPM standard.
  • Higher feed rates-250 IPM-for shorter cycle times.
  • CNC-controlled servo motor for smoother, more accurate feeds.
  • Reciprocating capability for cross-hatch patterns.
  • 8 station precision indexing table.
  • Advanced ergonomic non-contact palm controls.
  • Allen-Bradley controls standard, with other options available.
  • "Teach" style programming eliminates crashes due to operator error.
  • User friendly, menu-driven programming.
  • Automatic diagnostics include programmable spindle load, parts counter and cycle time log.
  • Pnuematic counter balance system, to prolong ball screw life.
  • High precision spindles with class 7 bearings. (No indicating of tooling necessary during set up).


Engis Multi-Spindle Bore Finishing Machine
Engis Single-Pass Superabrasive Bore Finishing Systems Close Up