Engis Flat Lapping and Polishing Systems

Engis Flat Lapping and Polishing Systems                                                                         

Greater Flexibility

  • All Hyprez machines can be equipped to utilize conventional or diamond abrasives.
  • With standard roller yoke arms, pneumatic machines can be used without air pressure as a hand weight machine.
  • All machines can be easily retrofitted with a water cooling system - even at a future date.
  • Slurry system is infinitely adjustable.
  • To further extend the capability of these machines, we offer a wide selection of optional equipment,


The Hyprez flat lapping and polishing machines offer more standard features, such as:

  • Three or four conditioning rings
  • Roller yoke assemblies
  • Hand weights on “H” series machines
  • Dial indicator for checking plate flatness
  • Adjustable worktable height (24" and up)
  • Adjustable slurry pump
  • Air filter and lubricator (for pneumatic machines)
  • Free technical backup and free sample runs provided by our Process Development Laboratory

Unique Features

  • Single center bolt lap plate mounting.
  • Pneumatic models come with large bore cylinders with double pistons and oversize piston rods for supporting greater lapping pressures and frictional drag.
  • Pneumatic stations have single lever control for both inboard and outboard adjustments.
  • Separate oversize tapered roller bearing spindle-driven by a quiet antifriction gearbox and motor combination, via a high torque belt and pulley system to prevent heat transfer to the lap plate.
  • Microprocessor base touch panel controls with large easy to read LED displays mounted to a pendent for convenient access.
  • Water cooling connections under the lap surface.
  • Swing away pneumatic heads for ease in changing lap plates.
  • Roller yoke assemblies with single lever control for both inboard and outboard adjustments. Models 24" and up come with oversize rollers.

Engis Flat LappingMachine