Commutator Turning Tools

Array of diamond cutting & dressing tools


Radius and Chamfer Commutator Tools

  • All diamond tools are polished to a micro mirror finish.
  • Ultra-sharp cutting edges, free of chips.
  • Tool geometry engineered to give you the micro finish you need.
  • A cleaner cutting tool that leaves no chips
  • Longer lasting, more finished parts per tool.
  • More relaps per tool, to help control your tooling costs.
  • Complete relap, reset, and repair program restores your tools to their original condition.
  • All tools are held to the tighest tolerances in the industry.
  • All tools are optically inspected to insure the highest quality and workmanship.



Tool Style C G H
MM or FF * 375-R Radius Tooling 20° .010 -
20° .015 -
20° .020 -
25° .010 -
25° .015 -
25° .020 -
MM or FF * 375-F Chamfer (Flat) Tooling 20° - .010
20° - .015
20° - .020
25° - .010
25° - .015
25° - .020
* FF for Synthetic Diamond
* MM for Natural Diamond


Skiving Commutator Tools

  • Cleans the slots of the commutator without drag over.
  • Gives a uniform cut with a minimum working pressure.
  • A combination cheer type action and skiving cut.
  • Non-interrupted cut reduces shock on the diamond because the diamond is engaged across the bars.
  • Large included angle for strength and long life of the tool.

Synthetic Diamond Bearings

  • Diamond bearings are lapped to a mirror finish to eliminate shaft galling.
  • Diamond bearings offer longer life at a comparable cost to carbide bearings.
  • The need for lubrication is eliminated or greatly reduced with diamond bearings. No more copper chips soaked with oil sticking to everything on your lathe.
  • Precise armature positioning with diamond bearings helps you maximize the potential of your diamond tools.
  • Longer bearing life means your tool center line height will always be correct.