Grinding Wheel Dressing and Profiling

Diaform Service and Repair

While new Diaform pantograph grinding wheel dressers are no longer available, we offer Diaform services that include the following:

  • Sale of used, reconditioned Diaform units
  • Sale of Repair parts, adapters and telescopic wheel guards for various grinder installations
  • Sale of Diaform operation, installation and service manuals
  • Repair and service of Diaform on location at your factory or at our shop.
  • Installation of Diaform dresser on your grinding machine.
  • Operator training at your facility.

Brake Controlled Wheel Dresser

  • Ideal for CBN or diamond wheels
  • Prolongs grinding wheel's life
  • Gives free cutting, open surface on a grinding wheel
  • Easy to use and quick to set up

Diaform Diamond Tools for Pantograph Profile Dressers

This photo depicts our "HQ" diamond with 0.120 face length for more possible tool re-laps
Standard Diaform Chisel Diamond Tool Chart

Diaform Pantograph Dressers

We are the national service agent for Diaform Pantograph Dressers.

Diaform dressers can be portable or fixed, head or table mounted  onto a wide range of grinding machines, including most types of surface, cylindrical, special purpose or wheel forming machines.  Dresser adaptors and mountings are designed to accurately position the Diaform without restricting the function or performance of the host grinding machine.

Diaform Installation and Service

We are the national service agent for Diaform Pantograph Dressers

Contact us for help with DIaform

  • Service
  • Repair
  • Installation
  • Training

Repair parts are available

We buy and sell used Diaform dressers

Newbould Model 202 Indexer

  • Unlimited dial indexing direct reading in degrees, minutes & seconds.¬† 1,296,000 possible positions
  • Store up to 36 positions with adjustable stops, one stop each position
  • Three ways to index; direct dial, 24 position fixed shot pin, sine based
  • Zero null feature allows 15 degrees floating zero point
  • Use as manufacturing or inspection tool
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