Flat Lapping and Polishing

Engis Flat Lapping and Polishing Systems

Greater Flexibility
  • All Hyprez machines can be equipped to utilize conventional or diamond abrasives.
  • With standard roller yoke arms, pneumatic machines can be used without air pressure as  a hand weight machine.
  • All machines can be easily retrofitted with a water cooling system - even at a future date.
  • Slurry system is infinitely adjustable.
  • To further extend the capability of these machines, we offer a wide selection of optional equipment,

Diamond Compounds, Slurries, and Suspensions

As the lapping and polishing industries continue to evolve, so too have the compounds used in these applications. We offer a complete line of Diamond and Borazon Compounds specifically tailored to improve the performance of lapping and polishing processes. The ultimate goal is to achieve the highest surface quality and consistency for the end user of the product. Our compounds take polishing from an art to a science!


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