Diamond Dressing Tools, Rolls, and Blocks

Diamond Dressing Tools

Multi-layer diamond dressing tools are particularly useful for truing wide grinding wheels because they are designed to hold up well and resist diamond fade (rapid wear) in a single pass across the wheel. Wide wheels are dressed straight and flat! The #194-60 is constructed with 3 layers of 20 diamonds in the same plane. There are 60 diamonds totaling 3 carats in this tool.

Reverse Plated Diamond Dressing Blocks

Reverse plated diamond dressing blocks are used to form dress vitrified grinding wheels on surface grinding machines.  This is a very fast, accurate method of production form grinding.

Example of a diamond form dressing block used in a surface grinding application

Reverse Plated Rotary Dressing Disks

Rotary Diamond Dressing Disks are available in three types of construction: sintered, reverse plated and PCD (polycrystaline diamond) insert. These disks are most commonly used in CNC wheel dressing applications but can also be used to profile resin bonded diamond and CBN grinding wheels.

Diamond Dressing Rolls

Diamond Dressing Rolls, sintered and reverse plated, are used to precision form dress vitrified grinding wheels.This is one of the most accurate tools used for production form grinding operations such as creep feed and CNC grinding.  Tolerances are low and life is high.

Direct plated diamond dressing rolls are single layer plated tools.  They are best used where tolerance is liberal and production runs are short.  This is the least costly type of roll.  It can be replated when worn and delivery is fast.

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