Reverse Plated Rotary Dressing Disks

Rotary Diamond Dressing Disks are available in three types of construction: sintered, reverse plated and PCD (polycrystaline diamond) insert. These disks are most commonly used in CNC wheel dressing applications but can also be used to profile resin bonded diamond and CBN grinding wheels.

Diamond Dressing Rolls

Diamond Dressing Rolls, sintered and reverse plated, are used to precision form dress vitrified grinding wheels.This is one of the most accurate tools used for production form grinding operations such as creep feed and CNC grinding.  Tolerances are low and life is high.

Direct plated diamond dressing rolls are single layer plated tools.  They are best used where tolerance is liberal and production runs are short.  This is the least costly type of roll.  It can be replated when worn and delivery is fast.

Newbould SpinMastr

The SpinMastr combines featues of precision Newbould products with new ideas for a more versatile tool. It can be used either horizontaly or verticaly by removing the detacable foot. While the Spinmastr is larger and stronger then previous tools, it is compact and low profile. The bearing race is larger and is of "Gothic Arch" design for guaranteed accuracy better than 1 micron (0.000040").

Newbould Model 300 Grindit

  • Indexing via graduated degree ring, 24 position fixed shot pin and sine based
  • Store up to 30 positions with adjustable stops one stop each position
  • Zero null feature allows 20 degrees floating zero point

Newbould Model 300 Grindit

PCBN Cutting Tools



  • Excellent for finishing and semi roughing of gray cast iron and powder metal
  • Regrindable for additional cutting edges
  • Can be used in milling operations


Diamond Cutting Tools

Array of Diamond Cutting Tools, PCD and CVDAdvantages of Synthetic Diamond Tools:
  • Increased tool life
  • Ability to cut a wide range of materials
  • Resists chipping in interrupted cuts
  • High material removal rates
  • Reduced cycle time

DIACUT Thinwheel System

They are very accurately made to allow precision slot grinding 0.004" to 0.250" width in increments of 0.001" There is no need to dress the wheel width and risk loss of tolerance or possible breakage, when you can buy the wheel to the correct width instead.

Thin Wheels are mounted between precision flanges for maximum support. Multiple wheel gang sets can be used to improve productivity with multiple slot operations.

Diacut offers both 1A1 and 1A8 type wheels with 24 hour shipment.

Direct Plated Single Layer Wheels

Direct plated single layer wheels cost less to use than other alternatives because they require no truing or dressing and they are recycled when worn out, by re-plating with new abrasive.

Plated wheels also cut faster because the single layer of abrasive is well exposed for aggressive cutting.

If you have an idea of what you want but it's not definitively designed, let us help! Our staff is proficient in computer aided design, and we offer the design service free of charge.

Diaform Installation and Service

We are the national service agent for Diaform Pantograph Dressers

Contact us for help with DIaform

  • Service
  • Repair
  • Installation
  • Training

Repair parts are available

We buy and sell used Diaform dressers

Diamond Compounds, Slurries, and Suspensions

As the lapping and polishing industries continue to evolve, so too have the compounds used in these applications. We offer a complete line of Diamond and Borazon Compounds specifically tailored to improve the performance of lapping and polishing processes. The ultimate goal is to achieve the highest surface quality and consistency for the end user of the product. Our compounds take polishing from an art to a science!



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