Superior 2-Stone Hones and Mandrels

Convert your SUNNEN, AMMCO, EXCELLO or other machines into a two hone stone system!

You'll get the benefits and advantages of being able to use the 2-Stone Honing System...proven to be the fastest and most accurate honing method in the industry! And best of all, you'll reduce the honing costs by up to 65% compared to the SUNNEN system! Compare the differences in system components to cover the honing range from 3/16" to 3" diameter.

Bore Honing Stones

We Offer a Complete Line of Honing and Super Finishing Stones, including Super Abrasives for Industrial and Automotive Applications
Power Honing Stones Available Unmounted or Shell Mounted
Power Honing Stones Available Unmounted or Shell Mounted

Engis Single-Pass Superabrasive Bore Finishing Systems

Engis Single-Pass Superabrasive Bore Finishing Systems

The Engis Diamond Bore Finishing System integrates advanced CNC machine tool technology with the diamond and CBN tooling capabilities of Engis. The result is single-pass bore finishing with flawless precision and unmatched reliability.

High Performance Equals Close Tolerances -- In A Single Pass:

Single Pass Diamond Bore Finishers

  • Convential honing
  • Bore grinding
  • Reaming
  • Bore Lapping

...with a simple automated process.

Micromatic Bates Bore Hones

You now have a quality alternative to traditional Sunnen honing stones.

Brake Controlled Wheel Dresser

  • Ideal for CBN or diamond wheels
  • Prolongs grinding wheel's life
  • Gives free cutting, open surface on a grinding wheel
  • Easy to use and quick to set up

Diaform Diamond Tools for Pantograph Profile Dressers

This photo depicts our "HQ" diamond with 0.120 face length for more possible tool re-laps
Standard Diaform Chisel Diamond Tool Chart

Diaform Pantograph Dressers

We are the national service agent for Diaform Pantograph Dressers.

Diaform dressers can be portable or fixed, head or table mounted  onto a wide range of grinding machines, including most types of surface, cylindrical, special purpose or wheel forming machines.  Dresser adaptors and mountings are designed to accurately position the Diaform without restricting the function or performance of the host grinding machine.

Diamond Dressing Tools

Multi-layer diamond dressing tools are particularly useful for truing wide grinding wheels because they are designed to hold up well and resist diamond fade (rapid wear) in a single pass across the wheel. Wide wheels are dressed straight and flat! The #194-60 is constructed with 3 layers of 20 diamonds in the same plane. There are 60 diamonds totaling 3 carats in this tool.

Reverse Plated Diamond Dressing Blocks

Reverse plated diamond dressing blocks are used to form dress vitrified grinding wheels on surface grinding machines.  This is a very fast, accurate method of production form grinding.

Example of a diamond form dressing block used in a surface grinding application


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