Magnetic Chucks, Blocks, Parallels, Material Handlers, Magnetic Coolant Filters

We offer magnetic work holding chucks, blocks, parallels,material handling devices and magnetic coolant filters in permanent magnetic or electromagnetic configuration.  Both standard design or custom designed to your specification are available.  

Permanent Magnetic Chuck

Electromagnetic Chuck

Magnetic Sine Chuck

Diaform Service and Repair

While new Diaform pantograph grinding wheel dressers are no longer available, we offer Diaform services that include the following:

  • Sale of used, reconditioned Diaform units
  • Sale of Repair parts, adapters and telescopic wheel guards for various grinder installations
  • Sale of Diaform operation, installation and service manuals
  • Repair and service of Diaform on location at your factory or at our shop.
  • Installation of Diaform dresser on your grinding machine.
  • Operator training at your facility.

Foredom Rotary Power Tools

Foredom manufactures a wide range of power tools used in industrial, jewelry, woodcarving, dental lab, optical, mold and die cutting, shaping and polishing and home shop applications. These versatile flexible shaft tools are commonly used for hand grinding, carving, deburring, drilling, sanding, buffing and polishing on virtually all types of materials. They offer numerous advantages over other types of power tools:

A & A Magnetic Coolant Separators

A and A Magnetic Coolant Separators are designed to extend the life of cutting tools, grinding wheels and pumps. Cleaner coolant results in reduced machine downtime and lower operating costs. Seven standard models are available to adapt the the separator to specific requirements. Special system designs are available on request.


Engis Model 5000-2 Bore Sizing Machine

  • Dual spindle allows for "roughing" and "finishing" tools to be used in conjunction for maximum efficiency.
  • Variable spindle speed.
  • Many built-in safety features such as spindle clutch drive system.
  • Precision spindles with collet attachment for easy tool installation. (No indicating for run out necessary.)
  • Independent and adjustable coolant lines.
  • Various tool holding fixture packages available.
  • "CE" compliant.

SBS Dynamic Balance System


  • Balances in seconds
  • Eliminates wheel vibration
  • Balances wheel on machine
  • Fits most machines
  • Easy installation
  • Compact/Modular
  • Monitors balance automatically
  • Displays English (mills) or Metric (microns)
  • Instrument grade calibration
  • Measures displacement or velocity
  • Upgradeable/Mulltichannel as many as 4 balancers


Engis Flat Lapping and Polishing Systems

Greater Flexibility
  • All Hyprez machines can be equipped to utilize conventional or diamond abrasives.
  • With standard roller yoke arms, pneumatic machines can be used without air pressure as  a hand weight machine.
  • All machines can be easily retrofitted with a water cooling system - even at a future date.
  • Slurry system is infinitely adjustable.
  • To further extend the capability of these machines, we offer a wide selection of optional equipment,

Dressing Sticks

Suggested Specifications
  • Metal bond or vitrified bond diamond wheels c150-kv silicon carbide
  • Resinoid bond diamond wheels c320-hv, c400-hv silicon carbide, a150-hv white aluminum oxide

Aluminum Oxide Dressing Stones

Tool Room Sticks

Array of Polishing and Dressing Stones 





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